The Number One Coach for Mums

Charlotte Griffiths is a certified coach and public speaker with a focus on maternal wellbeing. Bringing her passion, knowledge and experience to Mums everywhere, all sessions are tailored to cater for the individual needs and situations of each group.

Key focus areas include

Surviving (and enjoying) the first year of Motherhood

Re-connecting with yourself

Establishing your post-baby identity

Returning to work with confidence

Prioritising yourself

Finding balance

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I work alongside the organisers and facilitators of Baby and Mum Activity classes as a guest speaker providing research based infomation to suit your classes needs. This is a great way to support your Mums while adding variety and value to your classes.                 

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Antenatal & Coffee Groups

Book a personalised session for your Mums' group with information tailored to support your current point on the parenting journey. An informal setting is a great way to share information and knowledge that will suport your development as parents.   

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Small group workshops and information sessions are held in Sydney, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand. Online events are also held throughout the year.