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Return to Work

Take the stress out of your return to work from maternity leave or being at home with the kids. This will leave you fully prepared with a complete action plan and real world advice tailored for your specific requirements.

You will cover how to make the right choice for your family, when and how you will return to work, any concerns regarding the transition, help to navigate obstacles, and securing the resources you will need for a successful return to work.

  • One-on-one consult

  • Making the right choice for your family

  • Creating, updating and formatting your CV

  • Interview skills

  • How to refresh and upskill your IT skills

  • How to job hunt in today's world

  • Understanding and negotiating flexible working.

  • Childcare options and choices

  • Maintaining balance

  • Action Plan tailored for your unique and requirements

  • Phone or video appointments to fit your busy schedule.